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Best Companies to Secure Leads for Kitchen and Bath Remodel Jobs

In today’s dynamic and digital-driven marketplace, finding the right leads for kitchen and bath remodel jobs can be a challenging task. Fortunately, several companies specialize in generating high-quality leads in the home improvement industry, particularly in kitchen and bath remodeling. Here, Get Contractor Leads explores some of the best companies that can help your business find the right prospects and quality remodeling leads.

Exclusive & Shared Leads
  1. HomeAdvisor

With its vast network of professionals and homeowners, HomeAdvisor has established itself as a leading marketplace for home improvement services. The platform offers a wide variety of lead generation services tailored specifically for the kitchen and bath remodeling industry. Prospective customers request quotes for their project, and HomeAdvisor matches these requests with suitable professionals in their area. The platform’s sophisticated algorithm ensures that the leads you receive are not only interested in your services but also ready to start a project.

  1. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is another popular platform for contractors looking for high-quality leads. Now known as Angi, the company uses a rigorous screening process for potential customers, ensuring that you get high-quality, reliable leads. The site allows users to leave reviews, making it easier for contractors to establish a strong reputation and attract more potential customers.

  1. Houzz

For kitchen and bath remodeling leads, Houzz can be a game-changer. This platform connects homeowners with professionals in the home improvement and remodeling industry. Its unique selling point is its visually-appealing interface, which allows businesses to showcase their portfolio to potential clients. By offering comprehensive project photos, stories, and reviews, Houzz provides a great platform for businesses to generate targeted leads.

  1. CraftJack

CraftJack offers a unique approach to lead generation in the home remodeling industry. They provide real-time leads, meaning you get information about potential clients who are actively looking for remodeling services. CraftJack also has a lead management tool that makes it easy for businesses to manage, organize, and follow up with leads. Their unique Speed-To-Call discount feature is an added advantage, incentivizing businesses to contact leads quickly.

  1. BuildZoom

BuildZoom aims to simplify the process of getting leads for kitchen and bath remodeling jobs. Using their comprehensive database of contractors and construction projects, they can match businesses with homeowners who are ready to start a remodel project. They also offer an enhanced vetting process, assuring high-quality leads that have a higher conversion rate.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a lead generation service that caters to a variety of industries, including home improvement. Kitchen and bath remodelers can set up professional profiles, specify their service areas, and receive leads from interested homeowners in their regions. The platform’s review system encourages good work and can increase your business’s visibility and reputation.

  1. Porch

Porch is another valuable resource for kitchen and bath remodelers seeking quality leads. The platform offers professionals the ability to advertise their services, showcase their portfolio, and connect directly with potential clients. With detailed project information and the ability to send and receive messages, Porch allows for streamlined communication between contractors and homeowners.

Get Kitchen and Bath Remodel Leads Now

While there are numerous companies out there to help generate leads for kitchen and bath remodeling jobs, the best company will depend on your specific needs, budget, and service area. It’s also crucial to remember that getting leads is just the first step. To convert leads into customers, you’ll need a robust follow-up strategy and excellent customer service. With the right approach and the right lead generation company, your kitchen and bath remodeling business can reach new heights of success.

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