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Who Are The Best HVAC Lead Generation Companies?

Today, more than ever, the demand for HVAC services is high, and contractors are always on the lookout for ways to generate more leads to grow their businesses. With the rise of digital marketing, numerous companies have come to the fore, claiming to offer top-notch HVAC lead generation services. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Let’s delve into some of the most reputable HVAC lead generation companies, including an in-depth look at Get Contractor Leads.

Get Contractor Leads

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You got it, it’s us! Offering an impressive range of services, Get Contractor Leads stands out due to its exclusive focus on home improvement industries. From HVAC companies to roofers, painters, and more, this agency leverages high-quality lead generation methods, including SEO, email marketing, and ethical social media marketing.

The company offers a variety of lead types such as exclusive leads, phone leads, and shared leads, depending on the specific needs and budgets of their clients. Get Contractor Leads distinguishes itself with a commitment to quality – 100% of their sales leads are generated through their meticulously designed digital marketing strategies, ensuring that businesses receive leads with high conversion potential.

In addition, we probably partner with many of the leading lead aggregating and lead generation companies across the United States.



CraftJack is another prominent player in the field of HVAC lead generation. They have a unique approach to leads, offering speed-to-call discounts. This encourages contractors to contact their leads quickly, improving conversion rates. Their lead management software is also commendable, providing real-time updates for optimal efficiency.

CraftJack has set itself apart in the competitive lead generation industry with its unique, contractor-friendly approach. They specialize in generating leads for an array of home services, including HVAC. The innovative concept of offering speed-to-call discounts is one of their standout features, encouraging contractors to connect with leads promptly, thus significantly improving conversion rates. This approach shows their understanding of the industry’s dynamics and how quick responses can be a game-changer.

One of the commendable aspects of CraftJack is its intuitive lead management software. It is efficient, user-friendly, and provides real-time updates, making it easier for contractors to manage and follow up with their leads.

However, the cherry on the cake is CraftJack’s commitment to quality. Each lead is verified, ensuring that contractors are connected with potential customers genuinely interested in their services. This level of authenticity and value they provide makes CraftJack an excellent choice for HVAC companies looking for a dependable lead generation partner. All in all, CraftJack is a solid option for businesses seeking efficient, quality-focused lead generation services.



HomeAdvisor has been in the lead generation industry for many years and is a well-known brand in the HVAC sector. They offer a broad range of home service leads and have a large network of potential customers. The company has a strong online presence and provides excellent customer service.

HomeAdvisor is a renowned name in the lead generation industry, especially recognized for their extensive work in the home services sector. With a long-standing presence in the market, they have established a broad network of potential customers, making them a go-to choice for many HVAC companies.

One of the significant advantages of using HomeAdvisor is their robust online presence. They capitalize on this by effectively advertising their clients’ services, thus generating a high volume of leads. Their platform is easy to navigate, ensuring both contractors and customers enjoy a seamless user experience.

In terms of customer service, HomeAdvisor excels. They are responsive and knowledgeable, providing valuable support to contractors. This level of professional assistance can help businesses manage their leads more effectively and convert potential customers.

However, the competitive nature of the platform might be a drawback for some, as leads are not always exclusive. Some contractors might find themselves in a bidding war with competitors.

Nevertheless, the depth of HomeAdvisor’s experience, their considerable customer base, and excellent customer service make them a notable choice for HVAC companies looking to increase their customer pool. With HomeAdvisor, you’re partnering with a tried-and-true leader in the industry.

99 Calls

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99 Calls provides a unique, unlimited lead generation service that focuses on producing exclusive leads for HVAC contractors. They specialize in organic leads, deriving from SEO efforts and online listings. They offer a guarantee of a minimum number of leads per month, which sets them apart from many competitors.

99 Calls presents a unique offering in the HVAC lead generation market with its focus on generating exclusive leads for contractors. One of their standout features is the promise of an unlimited lead generation service, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to significantly expand their customer base.

They specialize in generating organic leads, with a primary focus on SEO efforts and online listings. This approach ensures that the leads provided are high-quality and have a higher likelihood of conversion. Their lead generation process is meticulously designed to attract potential customers genuinely interested in HVAC services, making each lead a valuable opportunity.

A notable offering from 99 Calls is their guaranteed minimum number of leads per month. This assurance offers businesses predictability and can significantly assist with planning and growth strategies.

While their focus on organic leads may require a bit more time to see the results compared to other methods, the quality of the leads generated is often worth the wait. In essence, 99 Calls stands as an excellent option for HVAC companies that prioritize exclusive, high-quality leads and value long-term growth.


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Networx offers a pay-per-lead service for various industries, including HVAC. They provide highly targeted leads, focusing on the customer’s specific needs and location. Their streamlined process connects HVAC contractors with potential customers efficiently, ensuring a high rate of lead conversion.

Networx has made a significant impact on the HVAC lead generation industry with its pay-per-lead service. The company excels in connecting contractors with highly targeted leads, focusing on the specific needs of customers and their location. This detail-oriented approach ensures that the leads provided are relevant and have a high likelihood of converting into actual business.

The streamlined process employed by Networx effectively matches HVAC contractors with potential customers. They have a proven track record of delivering a high rate of lead conversion, which speaks to their efficiency and quality of service.

One of Networx’s main strengths is its flexibility. The pay-per-lead model allows businesses to manage their costs effectively, only paying for the leads they receive. This model is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses or those just starting out in the industry.

However, like other pay-per-lead services, there can be competition among contractors for the same lead. Despite this, the overall quality of leads and the effectiveness of the platform make Networx a notable contender in the lead generation industry. For HVAC companies looking for targeted, quality leads and a cost-effective solution, Networx is a commendable option.


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HVAC.com is a comprehensive platform that offers lead generation services specifically for HVAC contractors. Their process is streamlined, focusing on attracting high-quality leads through organic search and paid advertising methods. HVAC.com also provides resources and tools to help HVAC contractors grow their business.

HVAC.com offers an industry-specific platform for lead generation services tailored specifically to HVAC contractors. The company has leveraged its understanding of the HVAC market to create a streamlined, effective process for attracting high-quality leads, making it an ideal partner for HVAC businesses.

What sets HVAC.com apart is their comprehensive approach to lead generation. They utilize both organic search and paid advertising methods, demonstrating a keen understanding of digital marketing. Their tools and resources are also designed with the specific needs of HVAC contractors in mind, offering added value to their clients.

Furthermore, HVAC.com’s platform is incredibly user-friendly, simplifying the process of managing and following up with leads. This streamlined approach frees up valuable time for contractors, allowing them to focus more on their services.

While HVAC.com might be a niche platform, the quality of leads generated, coupled with the industry-specific resources, make it a worthy consideration for HVAC contractors. It’s a platform that understands the specific challenges of the HVAC industry and provides tools and services to tackle them head-on, which can greatly contribute to a business’s success in the long term.

Get HVAC Leads Now!

Generating quality leads is a critical aspect of running a successful HVAC business. While several companies can help you achieve this, it’s crucial to partner with an agency that understands your business’s unique needs and goals. With its focus on quality and exclusive lead generation methods, Get Contractor Leads stands out as a prime option, especially for businesses in the home improvement industry. The agency’s use of high-quality SEO, email, and social media marketing ensures you receive leads with high conversion potential, making them an invaluable partner in your business growth journey.

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