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Unlock a Steady Flow of High-Quality Painting Leads.
Specializing in both house painting and commercial painting leads, we bridge the gap between professional painters and clients. Our leads are not only exclusive but also encompass phone calls and form fill leads to give you a comprehensive client overview.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Exclusivity
    We provide leads that are exclusively yours. Unlike other lead services, when you buy a lead from us, it’s just for you.
  2. Diverse Lead Generation Methods
    We employ a multi-pronged approach: from organic Google searches, social media marketing, and email marketing to telemarketing.
  3. Quality Over Quantity
    Every lead we deliver is pre-screened and high quality, ensuring you spend less time chasing and more time painting.

Painting Lead Solutions

1. House Painting Leads:
Connect with homeowners looking for a fresh coat of paint. Our high-quality leads ensure you get the right clients for your residential painting services.

2. Commercial Painting Leads:
Expand your reach to businesses and commercial spaces in need of painting. We make sure you’re the first contractor they speak to.

Buy Leads as Little as $20

How We Do It?

Organic Google Searches
We employ cutting-edge SEO techniques to make sure your services appear at the top when potential clients search for painting services.

Social Media Marketing
Our social media campaigns are tailor-made to engage and attract potential customers, leading them straight to you.

Email Marketing
With a carefully curated email list, we tap into a vast audience, promoting your services to those most likely to need them.

Our trained professionals reach out to potential leads, filtering through to ensure you get only those genuinely interested in your services.

Exclusive & Shared Leads


“With Get Contractor Leads, I’ve seen a significant increase in my client base. The leads are exclusive, and the quality is unmatched!”
– Dan R, Charlotte, NC

“The blend of digital marketing and traditional telemarketing is a game-changer. Thank you, Get Contractor Leads, for boosting our business.”
– Barry M, Lansing, MI

Connect with Homeowners On-The-Go!


In today’s digital age, connecting with potential clients has never been more convenient. With just a tap or click, get in touch with homeowners eager to paint their spaces.

🌟 SECURE Exclusive Painting Leads
Boost your business with exclusive painting leads tailor-made for you. Our leads aren’t just names; they are opportunities, potential contracts, and testimonials waiting to happen. Harness the power of these leads and watch your business climb to new heights.

🚀 Double Your Business Traction
Our mission? Doubling your business interactions and engagements. We’re not just talking leads; we’re talking about high-quality, ready-to-paint leads. With us by your side, your service calendar will always be packed.

📈 100+ Additional Painting Leads Every Month
Wondering how? With our DISTINCTIVE MARKETING STRATEGY! We’ve honed our marketing tools, techniques, and tactics to ensure that you receive over 100 additional painting leads each month. Every lead is a homeowner, a decision-maker, keen to hire professional services like yours.

🏡 Local Homeowners Are Calling for Your Expertise
Your skills are in demand. Every day, countless homeowners in your locality search for reliable painting contractors. We’re here to ensure they find you. Through our strategic efforts, we bridge the gap between your services and the homeowners’ needs, channeling genuine inquiries your way.

🎯 Dominate Your Local Market
It’s time to be the go-to painting contractor in your area. With our exclusive leads, comprehensive support, and unmatched marketing strategies, you’re poised to not just serve your local market, but to dominate it.

Understanding Our Exclusive Painting Lead Service

At Get Contractor Leads, our priority is to ensure you have a consistent stream of high-quality painting leads to fuel your business growth. While our commitment to delivering exclusive and unparalleled leads remains undeterred, here’s a deeper look into our comprehensive approach.

Broadening Horizons with Strategic Partnerships

  1. Alliance with Trusted Lead Aggregators:
    To amplify our reach and ensure you never experience a dip in your lead flow, we’ve forged partnerships with some of the best lead aggregators in the industry. These are companies that, like us, specialize in generating house painting leads and have established their reputation over the years.
  2. Connections with Lead Generating Companies:
    We are in collaboration with leading house painting lead-generating companies spread across the United States. This expansive network allows us to ensure that no matter where your painting company is based, we can source the highest quality leads for you.

Your Pathway with Get Contractor Leads

When you choose to work with us:

  • There may be times when the best-suited lead for your unique requirement comes from one of our trusted partners. If that’s the case, we will guide you to them.
  • Rest assured, we only connect you with partners that align with our quality standards. If we’re directing you to them, it means they have the right service to cater to your lead generation needs.
  • We value the trust you place in us. Hence, you will never be linked with any entity that doesn’t have the capability or service to meet your painting company’s lead requirements.

Taking the Next Step with Us

By expressing your interest in acquiring our exclusive painting leads:

  • You acknowledge and agree to be contacted by our team.
  • You also give consent to potentially being connected with any of our affiliates or partners, all of whom share our dedication to providing the best leads in the industry.
  • We prioritize transparency in all our dealings, ensuring that you are always in the loop about where your leads are sourced from and how they can help your business flourish.

Embark on a journey with Get Contractor Leads and experience the difference of genuine, high-quality leads. Let’s paint the path to your success, one exclusive lead at a time.

Ready to Boost Your Painting Business?

Contact us today and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive painting leads. Don’t just paint the town; own it!

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